Website Design

Is your website working magic in your business?

A custom-built website is a lot like having a personal advocate. Your biggest fan, singing your praises and telling the story of your business 24/7. The website we build together will tell your story in a way that resonates and articulates what you offer and why it’s important and unique. The magic of a website is in its ability to attract the attention of and connect with the right audience.

Because I am a freelance content writer the copy on your custom site will be strategically crafted to convert passersby into interested leads, subscribers, and ultimately clients.

I specialize in meeting you where you are in your business, whether scaling or starting out, I can also help you plan, attract your people, and connect authentically through web copy that tells your story, email, blog posts or case studies.

What I offer

Website Design

The design of your site is as important as the copy. Telling your story is only possible if I first understand your story, that means asking a lot of questions and listening for the key factors that will resonate with your ideal clients. Together we can build an environment that attracts and inspires your people to visit, return, and ultimately purchase.

Copy & Content Writing

In conjunction to helping new business owners build an effective website, I love email. Learning to embrace your email marketing is a great way to increase the resonant audience you need for business growth. Together we will build your brand message and voice within the site. Adding email is a powerful way to gain momentum and followers.

Website Maintenance & Support

Your website is an important asset, and an investment in marketing and promoting your business. Let’s protect your business by maintaining your website behind the scenes with security, SEO, updates, and privacy. Your website is doing an important job in your business and it should be safeguarded.

Custom Website Design Packages


Getting started package 

Customized 5-8 page website
Professional copy
Basic SEO
Mobile friendly
Quick Start + Ignite Guides
Option to add a maintenance plan


Strategic focus 

Customized 10-20 page website
Marketing Consultation
Strategically crafted copy
Keyword research
SEO enhancement
Mobile friendly
Quick Start + Ignite guide
1-month complimentary maintenance with hosting package

Engagement Package

Email marketing

Marketing setup with ConvertKit
Email template created
Copy provided for Opt-in offer
Keyword research
Initial email sequence (optional)
Quick Start Guide
Options for ongoing support

Email Engagement Package

Quoting a recent Hubspot survey, “In 2023, the top channels used by B2B marketers will be social media, websites, blogs, and email marketing.” Email is still an excellent choice when building your business. Let’s reach your audience conversationally, with content they value. Subscribers should be nurtured into becoming customers. Together we can support your clients and help them make informed buying decisions by demonstrating the value your product or service brings.

My Engagement package can be added to any website project and provides a great start in developing your client base from web traffic and other tips and easy strategies we can employ to boost your inbound marketing efforts.

♠ In addition to creating your customized website I also offer hosting and maintenance support plans. A maintenance plan can bring peace of mind, monthly reporting, updates, backups and discounts on services.