This is precisely what I have been wanting


Lora, Wow! I’m blown away by what you created here. You really heard me and made this better than I envisioned. This is precisely what I have been wanting, and I don’t have words for what I feel when I see and read what you have done. You have brought my ideas, thoughts, and lessons-learned into a clear and elegant description of the benefits of my PCS to clients and Architects.

This gives me the confidence to stay on my path of encouraging clients and architects to value our PCS process. You truly have a special gift, Lora.

Ken Sheldon

Owner, Sheldon Builders

Lora made my services desirable to a larger audience.


Lora listened to my ideas and then somehow magically brought them all into the design of my new site.  Not only did she make it beautiful, but she took my esoteric writings on the principles of Feng Shui and created content that was easily understandable, making my services desirable to a larger audience.  It’s the most modern, aesthetically pleasing, and functional site I have ever had in my twenty years in business.

Nicolette Vajtay

Owner, Inspired Living Feng Shui

I was fortunate to work with Lora to create a website for our non-profit agency. We have a niche demographic which Lora was able to analyze. She found a way to appeal to both our clients and our patrons through beautifully and thoughtfully designed layouts, graphics and colors. The interface is easy to navigate and her design expertise kept the overall effect simple, yet rich and inviting, allowing our content to take center stage.

C. Bowers

Marketing & Program Manager, Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program


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