Reevaluate your vision in a safe space

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Creative Vision Review

The Vision Review is an assessment of your existing website, branding, and message. We look at whether the impact it is having is the impact you want and if not, what needs to change. This is not so much a critique as a tool for analysis. We want to identify what is working.

If you have been considering making changes, it’s the perfect time for a Vision Review. We’ll talk about your original vision and how you are feeling in your business now. Discovering where you are is the first and most pivotal step toward desirable change.

You're ready to be seen

Being seen can be a beautiful and satisfying thing, even if you aren’t all that comfortable with a lot of attention. You are always radiating a light even as you quietly, steadily build your empire. Let’s just turn it up a notch.

You're a heart-centered service provider

Whether you’re a coach, therapist, or a holistic practitioner, the common denominator is genuine heart inspired intention in all you do. Let’s make sure your marketing reflects that.

You don't settle for small

Because of who you are and your life experience what you bring to your business is unique. Some of what you bring strengthens the business, some does not. Weeding that garden of the fears that keep you small is positive change. Your business should inspire and uplift you as well as your audience.

What's Included?
  • Initial Intake Questionnaire
  • 33 Point Evaluation of website & sales page message, brand consistency across platforms,  overall impact effectiveness.
  • Interview with a happy client.
  • Summary report.
  • Discovery Consult (75-min)
  • Follow-up

The investment for the Creative Vision Review is $1497

$600 of this amount can be applied to either a Website Refresh or a Sales Page Narrative.

payment plans are available.

Lora analyzed our niche demographic

I was fortunate to work with Lora to create a website for our non-profit agency. We have a niche demographic which Lora was able to analyze. She found a way to appeal to both our clients and our patrons through beautifully and thoughtfully designed layouts, graphics and colors. The interface is easy to navigate, and her design expertise kept the overall effect simple, yet rich and inviting, allowing our content to take center stage.

C. Bowers
Marketing & Program Manager
Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program