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Creative Alliance

Are you at a point in your business where you feel ready to deliver your offers in a fresh new way? Have you been thinking about moving beyond the one-to-one model you’ve been using? Let’s discuss your vision. A discovery call can help you clarify your ideas, explore logistics, and organize your next steps into an actionable plan.

Like many things in life, the challenge is generally more about getting out of your own way than ‘how.’ There is no limit to what you can create, quite literally, once you have addressed your own objections.

When we work together, my intention is always to provide a safe space for you to dig into your genuine desires, and a more expanded vision for your business. Together, we’ll sort and organize the various threads until we’ve arrived at the core values and motivations that compel your message. This process will eliminate many of the doubts or fears you may have about launching a larger, more impactful version of your business.

Sales Page Narrative

My sales pages are long-form written conversations with your ideal client. Starting where they are and describing how they get to where they want to be, thanks to YOU! This is a hero’s journey (your client is the hero) and because of this, I find the power of story to be integral in creating a compelling narrative that effectively walks them through your course or program from start to finish.

On any journey, there is resistance, peril, realization, and transformation. These elements are important in communicating the relevance of your work and to maintaining the connection between you and your client audience.

What's included
  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • Deep-dive into your offer 1:1 call
  • Research component
  • Interview with 1-2 of your clients
  • Writing Phase
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Design phase (if needed)
  • Copy delivered
  • Final follow-up

The investment for the Sales Page Narrative ranges between $2600 ~ $5000. Variables include email sequence packages and/or the addition of a design component.

payment plans are available.

Content Writing

Whether you are in your first few years of business or ready to expand, let’s talk about where you’d like to go and what is inspiring you. Maybe you are ready to refresh your website copy?

A website rewrite is not altogether different from a Sales Page Narrative. In fact, many of the same elements are used, such as mapping out the journey, sharing your story and using the voice of your clients. In addition, I research competitors, create an effective framework, and set up a rhythmic flow to round out the process. Other content options include:

    • Website Refresh
    • Newsletters
    • Email Sequences
    • Blog Posts
    • Case studies
    • Lead magnets
What's included

Naturally all depends on your specific needs. Every service includes: 

  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • 1:1 call
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Delivery and a final follow-up

In some cases I will need documents, images, logos etc. This will be discussed and organized on a timeline accordingly.


The investment range for an entire website refresh is $2200 – $5000. The amount depends on the number of pages, research needed, and the addition of design elements or design suggestions for your team.

Other packages may be purchased separately or bundled with either a Website Refresh or a Sales Page Narrative.

payment plans are available.

Creative Problem Solving ~ Mini-Session

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! Do you feel stuck or have a niggling issue you aren’t sure how to tackle? Maybe you have a project you are interested in creating and just need a map to get started!

 We’re talking tangible shift in frequency. Let’s create a break through!

What's included
  • Initial intake questionnaire.
  • One 75-minute Zoom working session.
  • Follow up written summary.
  • 2-week follow-up email and check-in.


This mini-session is meant to solve one problem. It also serves as a sampling of my work and a guage of our creative flow working together. I am excited to work with you and help you tick one pesky problem off your list.

You made this better than I envisioned.

Lora, Wow! I’m blown away by what you created here. You really heard me and made this better than I envisioned. This is precisely what I have been wanting, and I don’t have words for what I feel when I see and read what you have done. You have brought my ideas, thoughts, and lessons-learned into a clear and elegant description of the benefits of my PCS to clients and Architects. You truly have a special gift, Lora.

Ken Sheldon
Sheldon Builders

The powerful copy is why I depend on her to grow my business

The copy is magic. I give her a few ideas, and she comes back with a full-blown sales campaign, including the follow-up emails. She understands my ideal buyers so well that she is able to speak directly to their hearts, which prompts sales. The combination of artful design and powerful copy is why I depend on her to help grow my business.

Amy Collette,
Founder, Unleash Your Inner Author