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Inspiring Your Next Steps


There comes a point where you as a business owner are ready to take the next step. Maybe you are approaching burnout as a solo and need automation. Maybe you’ve recently had a wildly successful launch and are left wondering, “How do I top that?” Or, perhaps you simply love creating but don’t love marketing.


I can help you make your smallish business less small and at the same time less all-consuming.

It’s All About Your Connection with Your Client

As an entrepreneur, you have a vision to elevate others through the work you do. I love building websites and writing compelling copy for heart-centered business owners. When I first connect with a new client, my favorite part is learning about the motives for your business, your passion for your clients, and the unique qualities you bring to what you do best.

If I understand what you bring and why, I can better communicate with your clients and help them understand why they should work with you.

Lora draws experience from art therapy, life coaching and a life-long love for writing and the transcendental. Her ability to organize big picture and the abstract is remarkable. She is continually finding new and more lovingly creative ways to help clients illuminate and meet goals. She has worked as a project manager, and for many years in the world of for-sale affordable housing in Colorado. She was born and raised in the semi-outback of Alaska.

What Clients Are Saying

I have worked with Lora on a variety of projects, from website design to my father’s memorial. In every case she has nailed exactly what I wanted despite my inability to explain it.  She is amazing at writing what I feel and most want to express.

Jo Garner


As a writer, I thought I was perfectly capable of writing copy for my website. But when Lora created my website copy, it sounded more “me” than my own writing. Her wording is so descriptive and magnetic, drawing my “soulmate” clients who instantly get what I offer and want to work with me.

Amy Collette

Author, Editor, Coach, Unleash Your Inner Author

Your Passion for Your Business Should Express Through Interaction With Your Audience


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