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What is your message?

Whatever your “thing,” art, alternative medicine, coaching or however you serve, you have a message, do you not? 

I love the intuitive aspect of understanding a client (or anyone). It is deeply satisfying to be able to articulate another person’s thoughts, feelings, and aspirations into words. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love that part of my work.

Maybe it’s alignment, or resonance, or communion. Whatever you call it, it is a joy. That is the feeling you probably have when sharing your message. You’re connecting, you’re expansive and inspired and the person facing you is right there with you, groking your message.

Helping you express in words the deep part of you that longs to serve — that is my intention, desire, and strength. What I bring to my clients is a mirror reflecting the beauty, sincerity and intention that I see in you. As you see yourself that way, it’s so much easier to relax in your authenticity and to be seen by your ideal clients/audience.

Together, we will work to reach the heart of your audience. To powerfully share how your brand and message can serve them. My part, as conduit, is to coax that resonance out of you and into the writing and design. The result is that your people feel seen, heard, and ultimately enthusiastically engaged.

Connection and communication

It’s gratifying to help Creatives get crystal clear about their own uniqueness, message and vision. Often my clients would prefer not to market themselves or feel the vulnerability of sharing their story. I get that!

Growing up in the wilderness of Alaska, I spent a lot of time alone in nature from a very young age. You could say I was raised by wolves. As a result I tend to keep to myself, and I’m comfortable with silence.  I learned, or developed a more acute sight, not just the appearance of what is there but through it, around it and inside it. It took me decades to realize how intuitive I was because, well, I just assumed everyone was.

In our current culture your audience wants to know who you are. Why you do what you do. They want to know you are sincere in what you offer. To deliver, you must first be clear in your integrity and message You must understand why you want to do what you do and what motivates that.

Together, we tease out the uniqueness and authenticity you offer your clients. I call this process Creative Alliance We do this through thorough exploration of your business. I can help you with branding, email, blog posts, website content and strategy so you are freed up to do more of what you love.

What clients are saying

I have worked with Lora on a variety of projects, from website design to my father’s memorial. In every case she has nailed exactly what I wanted despite my inability to explain it.  She is amazing at writing what I feel and most want to express.

Jo Garner


As a writer, I thought I was perfectly capable of writing copy for my website. But when Lora created my website copy, it sounded more “me” than my own writing. Her wording is so descriptive and magnetic, drawing my “soulmate” clients who instantly get what I offer and want to work with me.

Amy Collette

Author, Editor, Coach, Unleash Your Inner Author

Your passion for your business should express naturally through connection with your audience.


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