Let me help you express your message,

the right words,
for the right audience,
in the write light

Express yourself and your business through good copy and web design.


The reason you became an entrepreneur was so you could do it your way, to express your passion, mission, and your unique self. And it follows that those attracted to your brand, your business, your products, feel a kind of resonance. People want to feel connected, to belong. To help them connect with you, the words and design of your website should reflect your mission, purpose, and you. 

 You simply need to be you. I’d like to help you express yourself effectively. For bigger results naturally, better visability and the satisfaction of being authentic.

Meet Lora



I Help You Connect with Your Ideal Client


Creatives, quiet geniuses, and passionate change makers are my people. What we all have in common is a desire to make things better, to inspire from the heart, to contribute in a real way on as large a scale as possible.

The problem is many creative business owners aren’t clear about the unique magic they bring and don’t know how to express it. That’s where I come in! My gift is seeing you, understanding your message and bringing it to light.

My Mission

Supporting creatives on a mission is my honor. I do this by helping you excavate the source of your brilliance so that you can more readily express your purpose, your truth, your message to the right people. I’m the investigative reporter, you are the juicy story. At the end of the day, you want to increase revenue, reach more people, and do more of what you do best. I want that for you. To get there, we need to tap the vein of gold, the source… YOU.



The words on your webpage or in your emails and posts should jump up and wave hello to the reader. Your audience wants to hear from you, wants to feel seen and understood. Copywriting is communication. You and your business communicating with your perfectly matched clients in a way that resonates and connects you. 

Web design

Your brand should speak to your audience visually before a single word is read. The pages of your website are like a storefront, an environment your audience feels at home in and wants to spend time exploring. When the design is complimentary to the copy you are in the best position to attract the attention of your ideal client audience.

content Strategy

A Content Map is and overview of where your business is going. Marketing planned in advance helps your business grow and helps you maintain your peace of mind. Aligning with the who, why, and how of your business makes sense.  It’s not always about more content, it’s about the right content in the right places—the places your clients spend time.

How Do You Know You Need a  Content Map?

Without the architectural stability of a Content Map which addresses your marketing trajectory, you are wasting time and money. A Content Map is a written document that delineates what to create and when to create it. It spells out when your launches occur, and what to do between launches. If you aren’t crystal clear about your content your business will suffer. 

How do I scale my business?

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A Content Map gives you a clear structure for marketing and helps you connect your content to your revenue goals. When you are ready to expand your map gives you the right steps at the right time.

I want to expand my audience

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Continuing to build your audience is a top priority. Even if your mission remains the same, your audience will inevitably change over time.  Having your finger on the pulse and remaining in communication with your audience is imperative. Research can give you the flexibility to follow the trends and make the necessary adjustments.

Not sure what to do next

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A Content Map is a written document that delineates your long-range goals and the content necessary to reach them. This plan is then extrapolated down into quarters, months, weeks and days. You will know exactly where you are, and what to do next.

“Lora did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of my business for the graphic on my Home page. I am so grateful for her expertise in graphic and website design and look forward to working with her again.”

Dr. Norah Charles

Boulder Acupuncture & Herbs

“I am full of gratitude for Lora’s unique mix of skill, content planning, intuition, and creativity. My site now has the feel that I want to project. Lora has elevated my site with her beautiful sense of design and forethought.”

Amy Collette

Owner, Unleash Your Inner Author

“Lora brings 110% to all that she does. She genuinely cares about her clients and their success. Her ideas are masterful, she inspired a big revenue increase in my restaurant.”

Steven Lembke

Owner, Sweet Spot Cafe

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