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Expressing our true selves through words

Words are alive with energy.

To creative writers, the pen is like Harry Potter’s wand. I believe words, both written and spoken, can work magic on hearts and minds, bringing healing and connection to people everywhere. However, the energetic source of those words makes all the difference. And therein lies the rub of marketing.

We have all lost a little faith in words over the past decade.

Content is part of the collective connection. We are responsible for the words we put out there. Are we being mindful with our words?

If you’ve ever tried to write about yourself, or describe the WHY of your business, then you know there are a lot of layers. How do you describe yourself and the work you share? It’s not just the words, or their ripples, it’s also the intentional source of those words. We must consider the authenticity of our intentions and our agendas.

Meet Lora – a copywriter for creatives

Be yourself, find your flow

I am a content writer and designer who believes that business shouldn’t feel like continually swimming upstream. I love helping creative people scale their businesses and reach more of their intended audiences.

I specialize in course creation launches. I write sales pages and emails to connect you and your audience more effectively.

Naturally, you want to increase revenue, reach more people, and have the time to do more of what you do best—I want that for you.

To get there, we need to tap the vein of gold, the source… your true self. How do we demonstrate your WHY in ways that are personally important to your audience? It starts with flow. I’ll help you slow down and reconnect with yourself and your audience.

My strength is assessing the vision behind your business and breaking that down into manageable, actionable steps. 

It all starts with YOU and your willingness to be seen for the unique and magical being you are.

Being seen can be uncomfortable. My job is bringing your business to light with a dynamic sales page and content that genuinely speaks to your clients. Let’s work together to radiate your story out to those who need it.

Working with Lora

Here are the two most obvious ways I can help. One:  Articulating your light into words. And two: Helping you inhabit that light more fully.

Who is Lora LeFhae?

Discover a little more about me, what I bring to content writing and my business philosophy.

Office Hours

Shall we have a little chat?

Lora Elevated My Site

I am full of gratitude for Lora’s unique mix of skill, content writing, strategy, intuition, and creativity. My site now has the feel that I want to project. Lora has elevated my site with her beautiful sense of design and strategic forethought.

Amy Collette

Unleash Your Inner Author

She Captured the Spirit of My Business

Lora did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of my business on my Home page. I am so grateful for her expertise and understanding of my work. I look forward to working with her again.

Norah Charles

Boulder Acupuncture & Herbs

I Saw an Increase in My Revenue

Lora brings 110% to all that she does. She genuinely cares about her clients and their success. Her ideas are masterful, she inspired an 18% revenue increase in my restaurant through engagement and content.

Steven Lembke

The Sweet Spot Cafe

Why Work With Me?

Reclaim Your Time: Wouldn’t it be great to focus on what you do best? The part of the business you love, that inspired you to create it in the first place. Let’s talk about how to reframe or reorganize your business to make that happen.

Elevate Your Message: Your brand is your spokesperson, presenting your business in its best light. You are the source of that light. Your why and the passion that drives you is what attracts your audience. Let me show you how to zero in on your authentic message.

Increase Your Revenue: Marketing is building relationship. The more you’re willing to connect, be yourself, and to be seen, the more people will want to connect with you. However, that doesn’t mean you must be everywhere doing everything. Let’s discuss which marketing options suit your sensibilities and your values.

Most of the people I work with are heart-centered or holistic service providers. If that’s you, I know you’re good at giving. Receiving is a direct connection to remembering who you are and how valuable your light really is. Let’s start there.