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Let’s express your brand message through inspiring content and web design.

I love working with creatives, quiet geniuses, and passionate change-makers. I often find them in niches such as women-owned businesses, FEM-TEC, and alternative health and wellness.

We all have a common goal—to make life more equitable, to inspire from the heart, to contribute in a recognizable way on a scale that makes a tangible difference.

Perhaps you became an entrepreneur so you could introduce a new way of doing things. You want to express your passion, mission, and unique offering to those who resonate. That’s where I come in. Together, we can streamline your powerful brand message, so your people feel connected.

Everybody wants to belong. By generating the right content and authentic marketing strategy, we can reach your ideal clients and ultimately your goal to serve more and make a bigger impact.

Meet Lora

Connecting with your client is how you build your business

I’m the investigative reporter, researching and asking the tough questions to get to the core of your juicy story. At the end of the day, you want to increase revenue, reach more people, and have the time to do more of what you do best—make an impact in your field! I want that for you.

To get there, we need to tap the vein of gold, the source… your authenticity. How do we best express that? With my targeted content, strategic case studies, and demonstrating your WHY in ways that are personally important to your client.
My strength is assessing the big picture of your business and breaking that down into manageable, actionable steps that manifest as blog posts, case studies, and targeted marketing strategy. These lead to brand message consistency, better SEO and higher revenue so we can do it all over again, only bigger and better.

Creative business owners often struggle to recognize their unique magic or feel uncomfortable expressing it. My gift is articulating through content and web design what is most compelling about your message, so together we can tell your story and bring it to light. My content effectively conveys the value of your business through email, blog posts, landing pages, and case studies.

Copy/Content Writing

The content on your webpage, in your emails and posts, should reflect your brand message and voice to make the right impact on your readers. Together, we want to make sure your audience feels seen and understood. Crafting your content to communicate is my forte. When we work together, I’ll make sure every missive has the desired effect and intended result.

Web design

My favorite part of web design is combining images with content to reach the audience  before a single word is read. The pages of your website are like a storefront. I will create an environment your audience feels at home in and wants to spend time exploring.

Content Strategy

A Content Map or strategy is a summary of where your business is going. It is problem solving on a timeline. I can help you create a plan that will make your marketing decisions easier. Together, we will work to align with the who, why, and how of your business to get the right content into the right places—the places your clients spend time.

Lora did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of my business for the graphic on my Home page. I am so grateful for her expertise in graphic and website design and look forward to working with her again.

Dr. Norah Charles

Boulder Acupuncture & Herbs

I am full of gratitude for Lora’s unique mix of skill, content planning, intuition, and creativity. My site now has the feel that I want to project. Lora has elevated my site with her beautiful sense of design and strategic forethought.

Amy Collette

Owner, Unleash Your Inner Author

Lora brings 110% to all that she does. She genuinely cares about her clients and their success. Her ideas are masterful, she inspired a 25% revenue increase in my restaurant through engagement and content.

Steven Lembke

Owner, Sweet Spot Cafe

The value of content

Content is the bridge you build to invite your ideal clients into a genuine relationship. Obviously, the nature of the business will dictate how personal you get. In women’s health, for example, authenticity is critical. Content must deliver value, honesty, and relevance. I will work with your team to ensure the brand message is clear. What differentiates your brand? Who specifically is it meant for? What are the core values, the personality, and communication style? To reach your audience, the brand has to convey truth, unabridged and straightforward. Content is the journey from where the women is now to where she will be with the aid of your products and services. I understand your client and I know how to speak to her.

Getting Started

Brand messaging is an important precursor to creating the right strategy. Before creating a clear content map, let’s make sure your business is completely clear about the brand message, voice, and tone. I enjoy working on brand messaging, especially with female led companies and alternative health and wellness.

Looking to grow your audience?

Who are your ideal clients now and why is your company a good fit for them? I love digging into what’s working and what isn’t. Research begins with what we can observe and measure. Having your finger on the pulse of your audience is what informs your content, when and how to deliver it.

Thinking of scaling?

What’s working? Are you clear why your clients choose your company over the competition? When we work together, I’ll ask a ton of questions, then really listen. I’ll work with your team to craft the best strategy to move forward, identifying what to measure, what to test and the types of content that will be most effective.

Why Work With Me?

Reclaim Your Time: Wouldn’t it be great to focus on what you do best in your business? Let’s zero-in and get your marketing content on track and scheduled so you can get back to what inspired you in the first place.

Elevate Your Message: Your business and brand message must be articulate, streamlined and potent. You need someone who gets you and what you stand for. With content and marketing strategy we can build a bridge from where your clients are now to where they could be with your products and services.

Increase Your Revenue: A strong clear voice in your business is like a breath of fresh air. Clarity is like oxygen in business. Content drives your brand message and your bottom line.

Let’s Create Impact Together!